Construction and assembly insurance

The implementation of investment projects is a huge logistical undertaking, often requiring the coordination of activities of many entities.

We prepare insurance contracts for the needs of contracts in accordance with the investor’s requirements, securing the interests of the indicated parties, financing entities and the construction itself.

  • We analyze contracts based on FIDIC in the parts concerning insurance and liability for damages of the parties to the contract and propose possible changes in this respect.
  • We verify the policies of subcontractors in terms of meeting the requirements set by the investor.
  • We conduct ongoing claims handling.

The products we offer include, among others: :

  • All-risk construction and assembly insurance (CAR/EAR)
  • Insurance of construction machinery and equipment (CPM)
  • Insurance of the risks of loss of profit related to the investment and the costs of delay in the completion of the investment – (ALOP/MDSU)
  • Professional liability insurance for all participants in the construction process
  • General liability insurance
  • Accident insurance for construction workers