Role as Broker

Why is it worth using the services of an insurance broker?

The insurance broker, thanks to its knowledge and experience, will be able to provide the client with professional assistance, thus acting as an intermediary between the client and the insurance company, so that the client does not feel lost, receives a good price offer and fair contract terms.

The broker will also represent the client at every step related to the insurance conditions, from negotiations, through the preparation of documents, to taking care of the client after the occurrence of a claim. An additional advantage of using the services of an insurance broker is mainly the costs.

The broker market is constantly evolving, meritum is one of the longest operating brokerage companies in Poland. We have been operating on the domestic and foreign markets since 1993.

Being a broker does not mean only mediate in concluding contracts for the client. A broker is primarily an advisor who knows the realities of the insurance market and is able to organize solutions for the client that will provide him with peace of mind and a sense of financial security, allowing him to take care of his own business without additional worries.

Realizing that you undertake very difficult and time-consuming undertakings, as professional advisors, we try to meet this challenge and take over the entire burden of responsibility for the preparation, implementation and operation of the insurance program in your companies.

Working with our clients, we prepare periodic reports and presentations for them, analyzing the current situation and indicating the further course of action. We deal with the liquidation of damages. We conduct negotiations with the insurer on your behalf. We react to the changing situation in your companies on an ongoing basis. The purpose of all these activities is to provide you with peace of mind and awareness of financial security.

Brokerage activity in Polish law is a regulated activity. It is regulated by the provisions of the Act of 15 December 2017 on insurance distribution (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2486). It is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The broker is legally responsible to his client for his efforts and is obliged to maintain the highest professional diligence.Zgodnie z funkcjonującym w Polsce modelem wynagrodzenia, Klient nie ponosi kosztów usług brokera. Leżą one po stronie zakładu ubezpieczeń, który przedstawi ofertę, na którą zdecyduje się Klient.

The institution of an insurance broker dates back to the Middle Ages, when merchants in Italian cities organized sea trade expeditions to distant countries. Of course, such an undertaking had to be duly secured financially. At that time, the so-called “sea loan” was used for this purpose, in which the financing party purchased the cargo transported on the ship, with the proviso that the payment for it was deferred at least until the end of the voyage. At the same time, a second contract was concluded, which stated that if the sea expedition was successful, the purchase contract became invalid, so de facto the purchase took place only if the cargo was destroyed or lost. Such contracts were concluded in the form of notarial deeds, but over time they were supplanted by private documents – policies (polizza is Italian for receipt), on which all the provisions of the contract were concluded. In this process, a significant role was played by intermediaries representing the interests of people dealing with sea transport, they made sure that the content of contracts was as beneficial as possible for their principals. The very essence of this activity has not changed to this day, but it has evolved over the years along with the development of the market.