Property insurance

Property insurance is used to protect the company's assets against random events that may cause losses such as: fire, flooding, failure.

Third Party Insurance

The subject of third party liability insurance is the third party liability of the insured towards a third party to whom he caused damage by his actions or activities of his enterprise.

Marine insurance

Maritime insurance is governed by the provisions of the Maritime Code, according to which the subject of marine insurance may be any property interest related to sea navigation and which can be assessed in money.

Shipbuilding insurance

Shipyard risk insurance is the basis for the operation of each shipyard. Their purpose is to provide protection for the investor and the contractor against the effects of events interfering with the process of building, repairing or launching a ship.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance applies to the broadly understood transport of cargo (sea and inland waterways, but also road, air or rail).

Personal Insurance

Being aware that employees are a factor determining its success for every company, we meet the expectations of our clients by offering group insurance programs.

Construction and assembly insurance

The implementation of investment projects is a huge logistical undertaking, often requiring the coordination of activities of many entities.

D&O insurance – management and supervisory boards

The source of liability of the above-mentioned persons may be the act, articles of association, regulations, resolutions, management contract or employment contract. They are also liable for damages caused to third parties, including shareholders.

Insurance guarantees

Insurance guarantees, apart from bank guarantees, are one of the most common instruments used to secure the performance of concluded contracts.