Property insurance

Property insurance is used to protect the company’s assets against random events that may cause losses such as: fire, flooding, failure. At the same time, one should be aware that each company functions as a coherent system and disruption of one of its elements as a result of e.g. a fire may affect the functioning of the whole in the form of downtime or delays in the execution of orders.

The role of the broker is to create such insurance coverage that will minimize the costs on the part of the entrepreneur and enable the quick recovery of assets and the resumption of business as soon as possible.

The subject of property insurance, in accordance with applicable regulations, may be property owned or held by the policyholder, used to conduct business activity:

  • fixed assets (buildings and structures, machines, devices and equipment, stationary and portable electronic equipment),
  • current assets and movables,
  • capital expenditures,
  • monetary values,
  • employee property.

Our offer includes a full range of insurance products offered on the market, tailored individually to your needs, including:

  • Insurance against natural disasters and terrorism
  • Property insurance against burglary and robbery
  • Insurance of breakdowns and damage to machines and devices
  • Profit loss insurance
  • Vehicle fleet insurance
  • IT risk insurance
  • Electronic equipment insurance