Formerly ,,Biuro Brokerów Sp. z o. o."

Meritum Sp. z o.o.

For over 30 years, we have been actively serving our clients with our experience, ensuring financial security for the most difficult projects.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information and services provided.

Risk management and insurance

One of the most important elements of brokerage service is adjusting the insurance cover to the individual specificity of the client's activity. To this end, we cooperate with our partners in the risk management process, in which insurance is only one element of this system.


By preparing offers of insurance contracts for you, you have a full overview of how a given risk is quoted on the domestic market as well as on foreign markets, which often have greater opportunities in certain areas of insurance, such as marine insurance.


The information we receive from you during our cooperation is treated as confidential information and will only be used to improve the quality of your insurance cover. All information can be found in our documents or by contacting our specialist directly.

About us

We are an insurance broker with license No. 198/97 issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in Warsaw. We have been operating since 1993, formerly under the Biuro Brokerów brand, and since June 2014 as MERITUM Sp. z o. o. Our many years of experience in servicing large enterprises is the capital that we put at the disposal of our clients. We create and implement insurance programs based on offers from the Polish and international markets. We take over the burden of day-to-day service of contracts, thus providing our clients with peace of mind and awareness of financial security.

We build our competitive advantage on the basis of our employees with many years of experience in providing insurance services to large capital companies, with legal and engineering education, as well as finance and management knowledge.

Meritum Sp. z o.o provides comprehensive brokerage activities at the highest level

What distinguishes us is the skilful application of knowledge and experience in risk management when designing comprehensive insurance cover for our clients. We are proud of our rich history, which is based on people with experience and qualifications who are behind every preventive audit, insurance program development and effective claims settlement.

Years of experience
Broker's liability insurance sum
25 mln


We offer our clients comprehensive brokerage services, including:

Property insurance

Property insurance is used to protect the company's assets against random events that may cause losses such as: fire, flooding, failure.

Third Party Insurance

The subject of third party liability insurance is the third party liability of the insured towards a third party to whom he caused damage by his actions or activities of his enterprise.

Marine insurance

Maritime insurance is governed by the provisions of the Maritime Code, according to which the subject of marine insurance may be any property interest related to sea navigation and which can be assessed in money.

Shipbuilding insurance

Shipyard risk insurance is the basis for the operation of each shipyard. Their purpose is to provide protection for the investor and the contractor against the effects of events interfering with the process of building, repairing or launching a ship.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance applies to the broadly understood transport of cargo (sea and inland waterways, but also road, air or rail).

Personal Insurance

Being aware that employees are a factor determining its success for every company, we meet the expectations of our clients by offering group insurance programs.

Construction and assembly insurance

The implementation of investment projects is a huge logistical undertaking, often requiring the coordination of activities of many entities.

D&O insurance – management and supervisory boards

The source of liability of the above-mentioned persons may be the act, articles of association, regulations, resolutions, management contract or employment contract. They are also liable for damages caused to third parties, including shareholders.

Insurance guarantees

Insurance guarantees, apart from bank guarantees, are one of the most common instruments used to secure the performance of concluded contracts.